PREPARATION – All surfaces are applied with a bio-chemical solution to help lift all dirt, mould & algae. Next all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned down by high pressure equipment removing all dirt, mould, & algae.

Preparation is of paramount importance and will no doubt determine the success or failure of any project. We take great care and attention to ensure that all substrates are stringently cleaned down and made ready for the next stages of application.

MASKING UP – All windows, doors, paths and surrounding areas are protected with heavy duty paper, polythene and dust sheets. Great care is taken to protect driveways and adjoining properties.

REPAIR WORK – This stage is to professionally repair any cracks, worn or damaged render including hacking off if required. Great care is taken to match the existing surface profile to achieve a seamless repair.

FOUNDATION CEMENT LAYER – Unpainted dashed properties are treated with a bonded cement slurry. This is done to lose any scarred areas or imperfections caused by repairs of the substrate whilst retaining all architectural features. This reduces the likely hood of imperfections and helps to achieve a very favourable result on even the most uneven of surfaces.

PRIMING – We apply a primer with built-in curing agents to all walls. Designed to penetrate the surface for excellent adhesion and weatherproofing. Primer has been formulated to be applied to both, dry or damp surfaces with up to 50% penetrating into the substrate and 50% forming a protective surface coating. The Primer coat also stabilises the substrate and forms the perfect key for the PLASPERTEX top coat to form a bond of incredible strength.

APPLICATION – Using specialist spray equipment PLASPERTEX SPECALIST COATING is applied up to 25 times thicker than regular masonry paint. A minimum of 1 kilo per square metre is used thus ensuring a perfect uniform finish.

HOUSEKEEPING – Great care is taken to unmask all windows, doors and any other areas that have been precision masked prior to application. General housekeeping then takes place to ensure that the project site is left clean and tidy.

PLASPERTEX SPECALIST TEXTURE COATING – Is a unique building product made up of a special blend of resins, minerals, titanium, fungicide and other chemicals that offer exterior protection like no ordinary paint ever could, its breathable, hard wearing, it keeps out cold and wet & protects against all the elements – including salty sea winds.

Ty Hapus Cymru’s long-life wall coating offers maintenance free, decorative and weatherproof protection that is guaranteed against chipping, flaking or peeling for 15yrs.

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